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The Sacking of Kenosha
The Great Lakes River Pirates successfully invaded the beaches of Lake Michigan at Simmons Island this weekend! The Pirata del Lago debuted and took the coastline by storm... and then the storm tossed her like a bread crumb. Fearless Captain McCrary was injured in his attempt to wrestle his beloved craft from the torrent, but prevailed and found a safe harbor for Sunday.

We weathered the storms of Saturday night with revelry and lots of canvas. Brigands' Folie performed alongside 3 Pints Gone at the pirate camp to much acclaim, as well! We had a wonderful time with not only Bill, Kathleen, and James of 3 Pints Gone, but Dr. William on fiddle and mandolin, Sam the ArchAngel on fiddle, Joel on Cello, and a handful of other guest musicians. Add a rapt audience to the mix and the evening was a complete success (if a little wet). This also marked the debut of Jake on the Eastman mandolin... she truly sounds like an Angel crying... (yes, I know. If I played better she wouldn't cry so much).

It was a great event and Jake even managed a temporary promotion to Acting Lieutenant as the Captain's injuries took him out off the field for a few hours on Sunday. Should make for some interesting artwork, when all is said and done, as he led the Great Lakes River Pirates in a rout of the French Infantry and their Cavalry support!
2007-08-16 00:37:15 GMT
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