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Bloody Lake a Bloody Success!
We had a great weekend at the Bloody Lake Rendezvous. It was fantastic seeing all of our friends and fans again, and making some new ones as well! We played at the "tavern" on Saturday night with 3 Pints Gone, William (and Mavis), Jeff the bodhran player, half of Rising Gael (Jeff & Erin), and some excellent washtub bass and spoons players that jumped in and held the whole thing together! It was magical, and we wanted to extend a special thanks to everyone that showed up at the cabin to cheer us on. We even accompanied a traveling fire-spinning show by Lark and Jen after dark that always meets with a hearty cheer.

We've again been asked by the coordinators of the Heritage Days Rendesvous to join them August 14-16 in Galesburg, IL and fortunately it falls on an open weekend, so we've added them to our show calendar! That's right, Brigands' Folie will be doing another show in IL this year, and we hope to see a lot of familiar faces there! 

-See you in the Past!
2009-05-04 17:40:07 GMT
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