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The Thaw

As we have short bouts with "warmer weather" -- weeks where there are one or two days above freezing -- thoughts turn to the coming show schedule. We're still deliberating on how to best present our music in a more modern setting such as a library or coffee house performance, and now we're at the stage where we're compiling a set list that will be more relevant to that type of setting. Look for more news on this front in the coming weeks as we polish the new set list.

The first Living History show of the season is just two-and-a-half months away (Bloody Lake, Woodford WI, May 1-3) and we're excited to get started with the year. We're still considering adding another Minnesota show in May, if we can resolve schedule conflicts (Cannon River Rendezvous, Randolph MN, May 23-25). Stop by our website later in the Spring and check out our schedule to see when we'll be in your neck of the woods!

-See you in the Past!

2009-02-18 15:05:19 GMT
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