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"The gales are a-blowin', now, all the day long..."

The Bloody Lake Rendezvous is successfully under our belt... but not without incident! Storms raged over us on Friday and Saturday, making for a very adventure-packed first show of the season. The Ravensmiths' blacksmith shop, next door to us, blew over onto their forge under the force of a brutal gale on Saturday morning, but their capable and ever-vigilant neighbors sprung to their aid and we managed to get her "back on her sticks" before the whole place could catch fire. And rumor has it that the temperature dropped below 20 degrees on Sunday morning... after approaching 70 on Saturday afternoon! Altogether a very challenging weekend, indeed.

And yet, through the wind and the rain, we managed to attract a wonderfully rapt audience for three nights of music! We introduced Dark Rider, Yellow Jack, and the Christmas Waltz to the world; as well as our arrangements of Twa Corbies and Spancil Hill. Many folks requested that we get samples of this new stuff up on the website (and hurry up with the second CD already!) as soon as possible. We'll be happy to oblige with the samples in the coming weeks (before Ft. Wayne, June 7). Once we recoup the costs of making Fog & Fire through CD sales, we'll be in the studio bringing you all the aforementioned on our sophomore album, Twain!

-See you in the Past!

2008-05-05 17:52:15 GMT
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