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Mando (not -lorian) (June 5, 2007 Archive)
So... I've been so infatuated with plucked string instruments since I bought my little acoustic guitar (Gaidin Seagull, 3/4-sized parlor style) back in February. I'd been plucking out tunes on Justin's Kentucky A-style mandolin between practice sets, and when I came into a few unexpected bucks via PayPal I put in a $15 bid for an A-Style Octave Mandolin. To my surprise (and yes, delight) I actually won the thing. Of course, it was about $43 after shipping, but it was still quite a remarkable find for me.

When I got the instrument, it was a bit of a disappointment. The craftsmanship is poor and the materials are inferior. The bridge was so badly made that I decided I could easily do better. I carved a new bridge, nut, and tail pin (for the strap) out of a nice piece of black walnut that I've had sitting around for 17 years (NOT a pack rat!). Needless to say, they look beautiful and the sound is vastly improved. Pictures later, I promise.

Restringing it proved to cause yet another broken string on the high end, so I went up to Homestead Pickin' Parlor and asked a few questions, while I purchased a handful of packages of strings. They pointed me in the right direction, and it turns out that the tuners had burrs on them. A little filing, and restringing is a snap (or in this case, NOT a snap).

Long story short: Brigands' Folie now has a lead instrument (besides the bodhran, of course)!
2007-08-16 00:24:45 GMT
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