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One Step Closer
The final tracks are in, folks! We've finished each song, tweaked them all just right, prepared the play list, and handed it all off for mastering. Some time this week the mastering process should be complete and we'll have a Master Copy of our debut album! Very exciting, I must say.

The next step is to put the final touches on the artwork and send the whole shebang off for printing and pressing. Within the next month we should have a full production run of our CD available for you all to purchase and enjoy! We're so excited and we really appreciate all the support we've received from all of our fans!

It's unfortunate that we have to temper good news with bad, but we won't be making the trip out to Jamestown for the Military Through the Ages show this year. The expense of the trip and the 42 hour car-ride over the 5 day weekend are more than we can bear this year. As it currently stands, our first appearance will be May 2nd in Woodford, WI at the Bloody Lake Rendezvous (see show schedule), but plans are in the works for at least one more appearance before then. Keep checking in at for details and to Buy our CD!!!

-See you in the Past!
2008-02-11 15:16:57 GMT
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