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Crunch Time
We're approaching the end of the recording project with a flurry of activity. Mixing down the last 6 tracks, working up the final versions of the cover artwork, and preparing for this year's show season, all with an air of expectation and excitement (and yes, anxiety).  We came up with a nifty new feature today, combining the samples of all 15 songs into one contiguous "Preview" track in the order that they will play on the CD. This is a great way for you to get a taste of the whole CD, before it's available for sale!  It's an 11MB .mp3 file that plays for just over 12 minutes. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this special treat, and come back to buy the full CD when it's available (estimated release: March 15).

We'd love to see your comments, here on Blog & Fire, after you've heard our Preview track. Oh, and be sure to check out our ReverbNation site below, and sign up with our official "fan club"! We'd love to hear from you.

See you in the Past!
2008-01-31 16:03:36 GMT
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