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Too Low for Zero
As the arctic chill settles across Minnesota, the recording project has had a recent warm-up.  Another 5 songs are mixed-down and ready for the final buff and polish.  After Thursday's session, we should be looking at 9 of 15 songs done and ready for Mastering. What seemed like an insurmountable summit just yesterday seems like a goal within our grasp today. Patience is a wonderful thing, when you know where to find it. ;)

There really isn't a "key" or "legend" for the song list, to the left, but if you'll glance over there you'll see that I've put a blue star next to the tracks that have come out of the studio as rough mixes, and a green star next to the ones that are done! I also added a mouse-over on the "Progress Indicator" on the main page so that you can see what % of the project is complete! And very soon that "Buy our CD" button will be live with a PayPal purchase option!! Hope you're having as much fun with the page as we are!

See you in the Past!
2008-01-23 15:15:51 GMT
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