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Number 9... number 9... number 9...
Kudos to anyone that comments here and understands the extremely oblique reference in the title of this post.

The recording phase of the Fog & Fire project is complete! That's right, every song has every track laid down and all that remains in the studio is the mix-down and mastering. We're growing more and more grateful of our choice of studios, as Doc works his magic on the tracks we've laid, and the bass guitar he provided now feels like an essential part of the sound. Later this week we're going to visit him at the studio to check up on progress and review the latest mix. With any luck we'll be finished in the studio by the closing of the year, leaving only printing/pressing/production for January!

As the Holiday season comes bearing down on us like a Retail Freight Train, keep in mind that you can get the best quality, lasting gifts from craftsmen right here on our home turf without resorting to the lead-infested, shoddy assembly of mass market gifts from abroad. Check out J.Henderson Artifacts to see what I mean!

See you in the Past!
2007-12-10 15:08:21 GMT
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