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Show Stopper! (May 6, 2007 Archive)
Just got home from the Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Woodford, WI. It was a fantastic weekend in the wild with some close friends and some surprise encounters with many we didn't expect to see there. It feels great to start the show circuit again... the winters are too long.

Brigands' Folie made our debut appearance this weekend, performing at our camp to a mixed audience of fans and friends (most of which we can double-count). With accolades and numerous requests for CDs as well as a proposed deal in the works, we had quite a weekend. We even had the excellent opportunity to perform with our amazingly talented friends Bill and Kathleen of 3 Pints Gone.

For those of you that might be looking for our first CD, expect it late this fall. We're in the process of weighing studio options as well as formats for recording (live, vs bringing in guest artists on specific tracks). Stay tuned to the blog or our website for more information on the coming release of "Fog & Fire", our debut album.
2007-08-16 00:22:01 GMT
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