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Bass Tracks & Turkey Days
Thanksgiving marked significant progress on Fog & Fire. Our whistle players joined us in the studio to over-dub 5 tracks, and we put the final rough dubs over a number of other pieces. Things are starting to really come together and we like what we're hearing.

We played for a small gathering of friends in Red Wing, MN over the Holiday weekend as well. A kernel of an idea sprang from that setting and now we're considering having an informal "East Coast CD Release Party" at the Military Through the Ages show in Jamestown, VA on St. Patrick's Day (which has been moved to Saturday, March 15 2008 by the Pope... I kid you not).

We've a few more studio sessions to go, putting the finishing touches on before sending the work off to be Mastered. We're holding out hope that our final, esteemed guest musician will be able to join us on a few tracks before we wrap up production of the CD. Can't wait to see you all next show season!

See you in the Past!
2007-11-27 21:16:47 GMT
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