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Bonfire Night
The annual tradition of Guy Fawkes Day / Bonfire Night fell to windy (and cold) weather this week.  Brigands' Folie still met and polished off the final adjustments to When I Was a Fair Maid and a number of other tracks.  Less than two weeks remain until we have our esteemed guest musicians in the studio with us to over-dub what could be the final few tracks before engineering and mastering.  The next two Thursday sessions will be devoted to polishing up a few of the rough tracks to get them ready for the whistle parts.  The excitement is building, the next round of the subito grant application process is complete, and the CD is trundling its way toward completion!  So exciting

As a special bonus to our regular Blog & Fire readers, we've uploaded the rough tracks for 4 of the 5 original works that will be appearing on the CD... in their entirety! These are no 30-second samples, folks, but the complete songs in all their (very rough) glory. Of course the final versions on the CD will be of much higher quality after engineering and without compression, but we hope this gives you a good taste of what's in store.

See you in the Past!

2007-11-06 22:03:45 GMT
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