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As of last session, we've laid down the first pass on 14 of our 15 proposed tracks! We've got some re-work to do on a few, some over-dubbing, and then we have a date with our guest musicians in mid-November. Our engineer sent us rough cuts of all 5 of our original pieces for use on our next pass at the Subito Grant, to cover the cost of engineering and production. Sounds pretty good, for rough cuts. Can't wait to hear the final product and share it with you all!

Behind the scenes we're working on arranging and polishing the cover art while we decide what additional instruments we might want to add at the 11th hour. We're also making plans for distribution of the CD with a strong lean toward CD Baby and promotion by getting a track onto Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. We're entertaining ideas on timing and venue for a CD Release Party as well. Keep your ears pealed and your eyes to the grindstone (or subscribe to this blog) for additional information!

-See you in the Past!
2007-10-23 20:59:58 GMT
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