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Alls Well that Ends Well
The show season closed out with a fantastic weekend at Mississinewa 1812.  Jake managed a promotion to 2nd Lt in the Great Lakes River Pirates and then fell overboard shortly afterward.  We lured unsuspecting travelers to the shore with several clever ruses, and epic battles ensued.  We were even filmed for a promotional video production to be displayed on the river pirates website.

We had the usual contingent of talented musicians as Brigands' Folie was joined by Jay & Tracy on pennywhistles and Chole & William on mandolin and fiddle, and we were blessed with the musical knowledge and solid bodhran playing of Bosun Pete Raine for the first time.  It was most unfortunate that we didn't give Pete advanced warning, else he would have come equipped with his Irish Bouzouki!  Saturday night was especially celebratory as the crowds grew in the pirate camp.  The music and dancing and singing even served as a background to a round of fire eating and spinning!

Tonight it's back to the studio for another session and another giant leap toward the release of Fog & Fire!  Be sure to check back at the Brigands' Folie website for more details and progress reports.

-See you in the Past!

2007-10-11 14:21:24 GMT
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