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Not all good things come easy. The first application cycle for the Subito grant was not successful. The grant coordinator was extremely helpful and offered advice on how to improve our odds for success on the next pass. With a mere 3-month application cycle, we will apply again in late October for production fees and wish for the best. Needless to say, "the show must go on".

Brigands' Folie will press on regardless of the grant situation and begin recording at VanderDecken Studios in Minneapolis this month! It may be a fairly slow project, at least initially, as we're still hoping to get our fantastic guest artists involved. We still anticipate release of the CD in the December/January time frame, with an inclination toward the near end of that spectrum.

If you'd like to receive project-specific information on the release of the CD (in anticipation of making a purchase), go ahead and click the "Buy our CD" button on our main page. This will generate an email to our admin account and put you on the short-list of interested fans. We'll send out an email as the project reaches its later phases, and again when the disc is available for purchase.

See you in the past!
2007-09-04 18:49:39 GMT
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