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Bloggage: ON (April 24, 2007 Archive)
Finally got the ball rolling on the Brigands' Folie blog, so when we finally start making more frequent appearances, this should be a good way to push out the information. Our first public appearance of the year rapidly approaches in a less than daunting manner, as we'll be mostly anonymous at this function. With just bodhrans, guitars, and voices, we'll be idling inconspicuously at the Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Woodford, WI... what a way to spend Cinco de Mayo. (Not to mention Luke Skywalker Day... May the 4th be With You!).

Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the Brigands' Folie website for tunes and info. The site is in larval stage for the near term, but the hew and cry is out for an update... one should be forthcoming briefly.

Speaking of sites that need an update: the Great Lakes River Pirates could certainly use a make-over. Not a single picture of one of the most valuable crewmen (yours truly) aboard! Travesty!
2007-08-16 00:19:36 GMT
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